"We've been using the maple syrup for quite some time and absolutely love it!! We will never use imitation maple syrup again. You really don't know what you're missing until you've tried the Jenness maple syrup. We also just got the maple sugar and look forward to trying it in some baking recipes. Based on the quality of the syrup, we're sure the sugar is just as good!"

- Lisa W

"I own a bed and breakfast, so what I use for ingredients is very important to me.  I absolutely use nothing else when a recipe calls for maple syrup then this pure Michigan maple syrup.  I have also tried the maple sugar and it is a wonderful substitute for brown sugar in cookies or french toast; it is amazing. I have given as presents to family and friends. It's a winner. 5 stars. I also cannot exclaim enough about how awesome Jenness Farms' vinegar is. It flat out makes a recipe. People are always asking for my recipes and I always tell them it is not going to taste the same unless you use this vinegar. It's 100% cider vinegar not watered down. It is fabulous. If you ever have an upset stomach try a shot of this, it has saved me many times. I will definitely buy again and would tell all my friends to buy."

- Joy Stewart, Old Brick Inn | Chrisman, IL

"I've been using Jenness Farms' Apple Cider Vinegar for quite some time. Friends always say that my salads taste better even though we use the same recipe. I give all the credit to this delicious vinegar! My family switched to pure maple syrup several years ago. The 100% Pure Maple Syrup from Jenness Farms is excellent. Why would anyone use an imitation when this delicious natural product is available!"

- Dixie Webb, Ankeny, Iowa

"Having two children, items like peanut butter, jelly, and syrup are make or break deals when providing it to them. If they do not like the way it tastes, they will not touch it. I can honestly say that if I serve them anything other than the maple syrup that comes from Jenness Farms, they immediately know the difference. There is no fooling them. 

I absolutely love the flavor of their syrup. It is natural and smooth. I also enjoy their Apple Cider Vinegar. It is again natural and that is important to me. I drink it daily as part of my health routine. I am also excited because I am going to be trying to make my own vinaigrette. 

If you have not had a chance to try these two products, you are missing out."

- Melissa Clark | Ortonville, MI  

"I used another popular commercial brand of Apple Cider Vinegar on and off for a few years before I found Jenness Farms Apple Cider Vinegar. After my first taste I was hooked for life. There is truly nothing like Jenness Farms Apple Cider Vinegar. Nothing compares in taste and quality in my opinion. I keep it handy at all times and use it daily. I also love their real maple syrup! Not only is Jenness Farms family owned, their products are made right here in the Thumb of Michigan and are truly all natural unlike other popular brands. If these things are important to you I highly recommend Jenness Farms products!" 

- Paula M | Harbor Beach, MI

"The maple syrup is the most pure syrup with a great taste like none we've ever tried. I sprinkled the maple sugar on my banana bread before baking and what a great addition! Look no further for anything better!"

-Aimee Long, Illinois